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Henry Gwiazda (born 1952, silent i) is a composer who specializes in virtual audio, the simulation of a three-dimensional sound space in either headphones or precisely positioned speakers. He composes what may be called musique concrète, using samples usually without “tinker[ing]” with them.

Gwiazda is credited with sound effects, sampler, electric guitar and voice. He also composed, published, produced and engineered. Focal Point 3D Audio by Bo Gehring.

  • "Gwiazda produces 'animated' audioscapes, oddly situating twisted and chopped real-sound samples . . . combining elements that don't have any clear relationship into compositions of surprising unity." - reviewed in CMJ by Robin Edgerton Douglas Wolk.

Gwiazda studied at the Eastman School of Music, and at the Hartt School (University of Hartford), where he was a student of Arnold Franchetti.


His most easily available music is on the CD noTnoTesnoTrhyThms, see external link below.

It contains the following compositions:

  2. whErEyoulivE (1989)
  3. wM (1992)
  4. aftergloW (1990)
  5. themythofAcceptAnce (1991), Jeffrey Krieger, electronic cello
  6. thefLuteintheworLdthefLuteistheworLd (1995), virtual audio-for headphones only, Ann LaBerge, electronic flute
  7. Speaker Placement Instructions
  8. buzzingreynold'sdreamland (1994), virtual audio-for speakers only
  9. Un Nuit Dystopia/Hommage Michel Foucault(2007)

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