Henry Hawtrey

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Henry Hawtrey
Medal record
Men's Athletics
Intercalated Games
Gold medal – first place 1906 Athens 5 miles

Henry Hawtrey (Henry Courtenay Hawtrey; 29 June 1882 – 16 November 1961) was a British track and field athlete, winner of 5 miles (8.0 km) run at the 1906 Summer Olympics. He was born in Southampton and died in Aldershot.[1]

The British were the leading force in the long-distance running in early 1900s. Although the most celebrated long distance runner Alfred Shrubb had turned to professional just before the "intercalated" Olympics of 1906, the Britons sent a very good team to Athens.

Henry Hawtrey took the lead after 2 miles (3.2 km) and won easily, beating second-placed runner John Svanberg from Sweden by 50 yards (46 m). The Britons used good teamwork to aid Hawtrey to win, as third-placed Irishman John Daly was disqualified because he blocked the Swedish runner's way several times.


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