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Henry Hoare The Good (1677-1725) (Michael Dahl)

Henry Hoare I (1677–1725), known as Henry the Good, was an English banker and landowner.


Born the son of Sir Richard Hoare, founder of C. Hoare & Co bankers, Henry the Good became a Partner in the bank in August 1702.[1] Together with his father, he became a commissioner for the building of 50 new churches in London in 1711.[2] Following his father's death in 1719, he managed the bank through the South Sea Bubble of 1720 making a profit of over £28,000 from the crisis.[3] He acquired the Stourhead estate in 1717 but died before the new house there had been fully completed.[4]

In 1702 he married Jane Benson; they had three children:[5]

  • Jane (d.1762)
  • Henry Hoare II (1705-1785)
  • Sir Richard Hoare, Lord Mayor of London 1745-46 (1709-1754)


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