Henry Howard Whitney

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Henry Howard Whitney (25 December 1866 in Glen Hope, Pennsylvania – 2 April 1949 in Madison, New Jersey) was a United States military officer, mostly known as a spy for the United States in Puerto Rico.


He graduated from West Point in 1892, and was on special duty at the War Department in 1896–98. In 1898, under orders from the Secretary of War, he disguised himself as an English sailor, communicated with General Máximo Gómez, and made a military reconnaissance of the island of Puerto Rico, thereby gaining the information upon which General Nelson A. Miles based the Puerto Rican Campaign. He was captain of volunteers in 1898–99, served through the Spanish–American War as captain and assistant adjutant general on the staff of General Miles, and in 1899 was appointed lieutenant. He accompanied General Miles in his tour around the world in 1902–03, and beginning in 1911 was stationed at Mindanao in the Philippines. He was eventually promoted to brigadier general.