Henry Huggins (novel)

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Henry Huggins
Henry Huggins.jpg
First edition
Author Beverly Cleary
Illustrator Louis Darling
Country United States
Language English
Series Henry Huggins
Publisher Morrow
Publication date
Pages 155 pp, first edition paperback
Followed by Henry and Beezus

Henry Huggins is the first book in the Henry Huggins series of children's novels, written by Beverly Cleary. Henry is an ordinary boy who manages to get into funny scrapes with his dog, Ribsy. First published in 1950, it was originally illustrated by Louis Darling and later by Tracy Dockray. It has been translated into Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish, and published as audiobooks read by Barbara Caruso and Neil Patrick Harris.[1][2][3]

The book was a response to a letter from a child saying, "Where are the books about the kids like us?" One critic called the character of "Henry" the "modern Tom Sawyer."[4]

The character of Henry Huggins returned in later books and also in a play which was written by Beverly Cleary and Cynthia J. McGean.[5]


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