Henry Huttleston Rogers Coe

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Henry Huttleston Rogers Coe
Born June 30, 1937
Died August 1966 (1966-09) (aged 29)
Children Hank Coe
Parent(s) William Robertson Coe
Mai Huttleston Rogers Coe

Henry Huttleston Rogers Coe (1907–1966) was an American philanthropist.


Early life[edit]

Henry Huttleston Rogers Coe was born on June 30, 1907. He was the third and youngest son of William Robertson Coe and Mai Huttleston Rogers Coe. He served as an enlisted man in the United States Navy during the second world war, and was wounded in a Japanese torpedo attack on his ship.


His parents' interest in the American West had a profound effect upon him and he lived in Cody, Wyoming for most of his adult life. He was an avid hunter and marksman, and a collector of antique automobiles.

Personal life[edit]

He married three times, Henry and his third wife Margaret "Peg" Shaw, daughter of the publisher of the Cody Enterprise, converted Pahaska Tepee, a hunting lodge that once belonged to Buffalo Bill Cody, into a popular resort. He had five children; his eldest son Hank Coe is Majority Floor Leader in the Wyoming State Senate.

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