Henry I, Count of Tyrol

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Henry I, Count of Tyrol
Spouse(s) Agnes of Wangen
Noble family House of Tyrol
Father Berthold I, Count of Tyrol
Mother Agnes of Ortenburg
Died 14 June 1190(1190-06-14)

Henry I, Count of Tyrol (died 14 June 1190) was a son of Berthold I, and his wife Agnes, a daughter of Count Otto I of Ortenburg. In 1180, he succeed his father as Count of Tyrol jointly with his brother Berthold II. After Berthold II died in 1181, Henry I ruled alone.

Henry married Agnes, the daughter of Count Adalbero of Wangen and had the following children:

Henry I, Count of Tyrol
House of Tyrol
Died: 14 June 1190
Preceded by
Berthold I
Count of Tyrol
Succeeded by
Albert IV