Henry II, Count of Louvain

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Henry II
Count of Louvain
Count of Brussels
Spouse(s) Adèle
Titles and styles
The Count of Louvain and Brussels
Noble family House of Reginar
Father Lambert II, Count of Louvain
Mother Oda of Verdun
Born c. 1020
Died 1078

Henry II (German: Heinrich, Dutch:Hendrik, French: Henri) was Count of Louvain (Leuven) from 1054 through 1071 (?). Henry II was the son of Lambert II, Count of Louvain and Oda of Verdun. His maternal uncles included Pope Stephen X and Godfrey the Bearded, Duke of Lorraine.[1]

Marriage and issue[edit]

Henry married Adela of Thuringa.[2] Henry and Adela had several sons and a daughter: