Henry III, Landgrave of Upper Hesse

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Henry III
Landgrave of Upper Hesse
Titles and styles
Landgrave of Upper Hesse
Landgrave of Hesse-Marburg
Born 15 October 1440
Died 31 January 1483
Noble family House of Hesse
Spouse(s) Anna of Katzenelnbogen
Father Louis I, Landgrave of Hesse
Mother Anna of Saxony

Henry III, Landgrave of Upper Hesse, called "the Rich" (15 October 1440[1] – 13 January 1483) was the second son of Louis I of Hesse and his wife Anna of Saxony.

Upon the death of his father Louis I in 1458, Henry received Upper Hesse and his brother Louis II received Lower Hesse. He succeeded to the title of Landgrave of Hesse-Marburg in 1458.[1] His nickname "the Rich" is indicative of his fortune in territory and tolls on the Rhine received by his marriage to Anna, daughter and heir of Philipp, the last Count of Katzenelnbogen and his wife Anne of Württemberg.


His daughter Elisabeth (1466–1523) would go on to marry Johann V of Nassau-Vianden-Dietz and they would become grandparents to William the Silent.[1] His younger daughter, Mathilde (1473–1524), would go on to marry John II, Duke of Cleves and they would become grandparents to Queen Anne of Cleves.[1] Henry's only son to reach adulthood succeeded as William III (Wilhelm III, Landgraf von Hessen-Marburg) (1471–1500).[1] In 1498, William ΙΙΙ married Elisabeth, the daughter of Philip, Elector Palatine. William ΙΙΙ left no legitimate heir and the title passed to his cousin, William II, Landgrave of Hesse, son of Louis II, Landgrave of Lower Hesse.



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Preceded by
Louis I
Landgrave of Upper Hesse
Succeeded by
William III