Henry I of Rodez

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Henry I (c. 1175 – 1221), of the house of Millau, was the Count of Rodez and Viscount of Carlat from 1208 until his death. He was the son and successor of Hugh II. His mother was Bertrande d'Amalon.

In 1212 he married Algayette, heiress of Guy, lord of Scorailles, and she bore him his eventual successor, Hugh IV, and also a daughter, Guida, who married the troubadour Pons de Monlaur. Henry was also a troubadour, who left behind three tensos. His Occitan name was Enric I de Rodes, though the vida about the coms de Rodes probably refers to his descendant Henry II. Henry I died on the Fifth Crusade.

Preceded by
Hugh II
Count of Rodez
Succeeded by
Hugh IV