Henry J. Degenkolb

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Henry J. Degenkolb (1913 - 9 December 1989) was a structural engineer in San Francisco, California, noted for his many contributions to earthquake engineering.

He served on the President's Task Force on Earthquake Hazards Reduction, consulted for the California Seismic Safety Commission and received many awards, including the American Society of Civil Engineers Ernest E. Howard Award. He was also awarded the Frank P. Brown Medal in 1978. [1][2]

In 1940, he founded Degenkolb Engineers. The firm provides comprehensive design, rehabilitation, and consulting services to architects, building owners, hospitals, educational institutions, corporations and government agencies.

According to his obituary in "Structural Engineer" magazine, he joined John Gould in 1946 as Chief Engineer and they eventually formed Gould-Degenkolb Engineers. After Gould's death in 1961, the firm became H. J. Degenkolb Engineers.