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Henry Jepson Latham was an American writer of texts dealing with religious issues. He published in the 19th century.


  • Among the Mormons (as Ring Jepson). San Francisco: San Francisco News Company, 1879.
    A popular anti-Mormon novel "evidently aimed at nothing more than raising a laugh"[1] subtitled "How an American and an Englishman Went to Salt Lake City and Married Seven Wives Apiece : Their Lively Experience : a Peep Into the Mysteries of Mormonism."
  • God in Business (as H. J. Latham). New York: The American News Company, 1889.
    An early work of prosperity theology. Published simultaneously in England.

Short story[edit]

  • "Parliamentary" in For our boys: a collection of original literary offerings by popular writers at home and abroad (356) edited by Ambrose P. Dietz. San Francisco: A.L. Bancroft and Company, 1878.


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