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1914 advertisement by Henry Lemoine & Co. Includes advertisements for authors and composers: (Mandolin): Ferdinando de Cristofaro, E. Patierno, Ed. Rossler. (Guitar): Ferdinando Carulli, Dionisio Aguado, Fernando Sor, Castellaci. (Bandurria): E. Patierno and Pedro Aperte.

Henry Lemoine (21 October 1786 – 18 May 1854) was a French music publisher, composer, and piano teacher.[1]


Lemoine was born in Paris, where he was a pupil of Anton Reicha, a successful piano teacher.[2]

In 1816 he took over his father Antoine Marcel Lemoine's music publishing business.[2] His father had founded the company in 1772 and still exists today under the name of Editions Henry Lemoine.[3] Lemoine was the publisher for Frédéric Chopin.[2] In 1844 he also published Hector Berlioz's Traité d'orchestration.[2] He worked with Ferdinando Carulli to publish a solfège textbook by Adolphe Danhauser called Solfège des Solfèges, which is still print. In 1850 Lemoine, then blind, turned over his company to his son Achille Lemoine.[3]

The company, Editions Henry Lemoine, is still a leader in music publishing.


Lemoine's compositions are today generally regarded as unimportant. His piano method and harmony textbook, however, are still of much interest to students of the instrument.[3]


Lemoine wrote a number of works of music education (including Études infantines), an extensive collection of piano pieces called Bagatelles and Recreations Musicales. His Méthode et des études de piano is still in use today.

  • Gandolf on rosebush
  • Study in A minor
  • Estudios infantiles para piano, 1866
  • Solfeo de los solfeos
  • Etudes enfantines
  • Solfège des solfèges
  • Études enfantines pour piano
  • Il Turco in Italia
  • Jean de Paris

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