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Henry W. Lowcock
Born1837 (1837)
Died1901 (aged 63–64)

Henry W. Lowcock (c. 1837 – 1901) was an English businessman in Hong Kong and member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong.

Early life[edit]

Lowcock was born in Middlesex, England in around 1837.


Lowcock joined the Gibb, Livingston & Co., a prominent trading firm in Hong Kong and China and became partner of the firm in July 1868 after Edward Ford Duncanson and William Henry Gibb retired.[1]

Lowcock was appointed to the Police Inquiry Commission in 1871[2] and was subsequently appointed to the Legislative Council of Hong Kong on 26 February 1872 during the absence on leave of Richard Rowett.[3] He was appointed to the Legislative Council again on 23 January 1875 vice Richard Rowett resigned. He was also Trustee of the St. John's Cathedral. He retired from the Gibb, Livingston & Co. on 31 March 1882.


Lowcock married Annie Loftus Russell and had six children including Henry Christopher, George, Charles and Kwok Yau Tak. Lowcock was one of the earliest member of the Diocesan Home and Orphanage which later became the Diocesan Boys' School, Hong Kong.

George Lowcock's daughter, Edith Lowcock, was married to Robert Kotewall, member of the Executive and Legislative Councils of Hong Kong. George's another son, Henry Lowcock, married Mabel Kotewall, daughter of the S. Kotewall. Henry's son, Sidney James Lowcock was the seventh headmaster of Diocesan Boys' School.[4]


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Legislative Council of Hong Kong
Preceded by
Richard Rowett
Unofficial Member
Succeeded by
Richard Rowett
Preceded by
Richard Rowett
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