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Enrico Agostino Morselli
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Occupation Physician, Psychical researcher

Enrico "Henry" Agostino Morselli (1852-1929) was an Italian physician and psychical researcher.

Morselli was professor at the University of Turin. He is best known for the publication of his influential book, Suicide: An Essay on Comparative Moral Statistics (1881) claiming that suicide was primarily the result of the struggle for life and nature's evolutionary process.[1][2][3][4]

According to Edward Shorter "Morselli is known outside of Italy for having coined the term dysmorphophobia. In Italy, he is known for a big psychiatry textbook, A Guide to the Semiotics of Mental Illness."[5]

Morselli was an eugenicist and some of his writings have been linked to scientific racialism.[6][7] Morselli was also interested in mediumship and psychical research. He studied the medium Eusapia Palladino and concluded that some of her phenomena was genuine, being evidence for an unknown bio-psychic force present in all humans.[8]

Selected works[edit]


  • Suicide: An Essay on Comparative Moral Statistics (1881)
  • A Guide to the Semiotics of Mental Illness (Manuale di semeiotica delle malattie mentali) (1895)

Psychical research

  • Morselli, E. (1907). Eusapia Paladino and the Genuineness of Her Phenomena. Annals of Psychical Science 5: 319-360, 399-421.
  • Morselli, E. (1908). Psicologia e “Spiritismo”: Impressioni e Note Critiche sui Fenomeni Medianici di Eusapia Palladino (2 vols). Turin: Fratelli Bocca.


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