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Henry Payne (born 1962 in Charleston, West Virginia) is an American editorial cartoonist for The Detroit News.[1]

Payne began cartooning when he was a student at Princeton University, drawing for two of its student publications, The Daily Princetonian and The Nassau Weekly. After graduating with a degree in history, Payne was hired by Charleston Daily Mail as their staff artist. In 1986, he moved to Washington D.C., working for Scripps Howard News Service as an editorial cartoonist and an editor for its cartoon wire. His cartoons were available though the Associated Press syndication services.[2] Detroit News hired Payne in 1999 as their cartoonist, replacing Draper Hill (fr), who retired from the paper.

Payne's cartoons are syndicated by United Media. In addition to his editorial cartoons, Payne also writes columns for various conservative publications, including the National Review and the Weekly Standard. Payne has criticized the mainstream media as corrupt, and is an outspoken critic of the corruption in global warming news reporting.[3][4]

Payne lives in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, with his wife, Talbot, and two children.[citation needed]


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