Henry Peckham (MP for Wycombe)

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Henry Peckham (1526 – 8 July 1556) was an English courtier, and a Member of Parliament for Chipping Wycombe from 1553 to 1555.[1] He was a member of the Dudley conspiracy against Queen Mary. Following his arrest, he was imprisoned in the Tower of London on 18 March 1556, tried on 7 May in London's Guildhall[2][3] and executed at Tower Hill in 7 or 8 July 1556. After execution his head was displayed on London Bridge, and his body was buried at Allhallows, Barking.[2]

Peckham was the second son of Sir Edmund Peckham, cofferer to Henry VIII, and became an MP through his family's connections in Buckinghamshire.[1]


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