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Henry Porter (born 1953) is an English author and journalist. He is a writer of thrillers and was, until 2014, a regular columnist for The Observer. He is also the British editor of Vanity Fair.

Porter's articles are mainly concerned with liberty and civil rights. In February 2009, he co-founded the Convention on Modern Liberty.

On the Orwell Prize's journalism shortlist for 2009,[1] he wrote the award-winning novel Brandenburg, also titled Brandenburg Gate.[2]


Standalone works[edit]

  • Remembrance Day (2000)
  • A Spy’s Life (2001)
  • Empire State (2003)
  • Brandenburg (2005)
  • The Dying Light (2009)
  • The Bell Ringers (2010)

The Bell Ringers is The Dying Light in the US market.

Skirl trilogy[edit]

  • The Master of the Fallen Chairs (2008)

Omnibus books[edit]

  • Three Great Novels (Remembrance Day, A Spy’s Life, Empire State (2005)


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