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Henry J. Prusoff (December 10, 1912 – May 1943) was a top-ranked American tennis player in both singles and doubles in the 1930s. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Prusoff was ranked # 3 in doubles during the 1930s.

Tennis career[edit]

Prusoff won the singles and doubles titles at the Oregon State tennis championship in 1932. Prusoff also won the singles title and reached the doubles final at the Cincinnati Masters in 1934. He also won the Tri-State Tennis Tournament.

In 1935, while ranked 13th in the United States, Prusoff sustained a very bad, near-fatal back injury from which he nevertheless eventually made a surprising recovery. By 1939, Prusoff was ranked # 10 in singles in the U.S., and in 1940 he was ranked # 8.

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