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Henry Quek (born July 26, 1960) is a Singaporean businessman who helms the Seafood Industry and operates one of the largest distribution networks in South-East Asia. He is currently one of the most influential seafood players in South-East Asia with an estimated net worth of US$100 Million according to Prestige Magazine in 2005. At 21, Henry became a Self-made Millionaire and is yet another successful story of "rag to riches". He is best known for the procurement of Tri-Marine International's Swordfish & Tuna Business back in 2004,[1] which made him the No.1 Player in Asia's Seafood Market. According to Asia One, Henry is also president of the Seafood Industries Association Singapore, a group which comprises local companies that process, manufacture and trade in all kinds of seafood.

The Early Life[edit]

From humble beginnings, Henry then 16, started operations out of Fishery Port Road as a Fish Grader in Jurong Fish Market by assisting ship-chandlers to commence trading in Singapore. Contrary to popular beliefs, his success story is as simple as one can possibly imagine. Henry simply stressed that he was "lucky" and adventurous during his prime which led to him rising from rag to riches. HQ: The only question is are you hungry enough to succeed? If yes, are you willing to do what most common people are unwilling to do? Which is to labor at the Fish Market in the wee hours where everyone else is asleep without fail or to seek an opportunity in any industry which requires hand-one's work and determination to succeed. There is lots of "opportunities" in the market but are you willing to step out of your "comfort zone" and give it a shot like what Henry did? In the interview, it clearly seems like a simple answer which any one of us could simple do and make it in today's competitive world but sadly the new generation is simply not the same as before. Maybe all of this was attributed to the fact that Henry was a primary school-leaver which ..- Reported by Jessica Wong


Origin = 郭 | Name = Quek Peng Hock Henry | Religion = Buddhist | Race = Chinese | Status = Married | Birth = July 26, 1960 | Resides = ION Orchard | Origin = Singapore Citizen | Equity = Playboy, WPL, APL, IPN, QBI | Occupation = Managing Director of Far Ocean Singapore | Organization = President of Seafood Industries Association Singapore | Industry = Food & Beverages Sector of Singapore Food Industry | Listing = IncreaseSGP Top 100 Businessman | Net Worth = IncreaseUS$100 Million


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