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For those of a similar name, see Henry Reed (disambiguation) and Harry Reid (disambiguation).

Henry Reid is the former director of UCLA’s willed body program who agreed to a plea deal in October, 2008 for admitting his role along with an anatomical specimens broker to profit from lease-loaning donated anatomical material to outside corporate research interests in 2004. On January 30, 2009, Reid was sentenced to four years and four months in prison for illegally profiting from the lease-loan of body parts that had been donated to UCLA's Willed Body Program. Reid was ordered by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Curtis Rappe to pay $500,000 in restitution to the David Geffen School of Medicine.[1]


Despite intense media distortion, the fact is that Reid received approximately 35,000 dollars in bribe money from an anatomical specimen broker over a period of seven years. This was a high-profile case at the time and brought much attention to both public and academic perception of the way in which willed body programs are structured. UCLA suspended its cadaver program for one year to rewrite policies and procedures to ensure this mistake does not happen again, and has since reopened.[2]


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