Henry Sanchez

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Henry Sanchez
Residence Sacramento, California
Occupation Professional Skateboarder

Henry Sanchez also known as The Terminator, is a professional skateboarder and gained widespread recognition for his part in Blind Skateboards' "Tim and Henry's Pack of Lies" (1992) with Tim Gavin, Rudy Johnson, Brian Lotti, and Guy Mariano. He is from San Francisco Bay, California. He appeared on the cover of Thrasher (magazine) in July 1993.[1]

Skateboarding career[edit]

Henry's career spanned two decades in which he starred in Blind's "Pack of Lies" and a decade later in Transworld's "Sight Unseen". Henry Sanchez along with Mike Carroll and many others served as an impactful pivotal point in skateboarding progression at San Francisco's Embarcadero Plaza. This was San Francisco's peak in skateboarding. After retiring from skating Henry Sanchez decided to start a clothing company called Magik, which didn't last very long. Today he works on hotrods and sheet metal fabrication.

Select videography[edit]

  • Tim and Henry's Pack of Lies" (1992)
  • FTC's Finally (1993)
  • Plan B's Virtual Reality (1993)
  • 20 Shot Sequence (1995)
  • 411 Video Magazine #26 FIT Section (1996)
  • FIT Credo (1996)
  • ICS Video (1999)
  • Sight Unseen (2001)
  • Chomp on This (2002)
  • Got Gold? (2002)
  • La Luz (2002)


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