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Henry Sutherland Edwards (1828–1906) was a British journalist.

He was born in London, and educated in London and France. He was correspondent of The Times at the coronation of Alexander II of Russia, in the camp of the insurgents at Warsaw (1862–63), and at German army headquarters during the Franco-Prussian War. Amongst his publications are:

  • The Russians at Home and the Russians Abroad (1861)
  • The Polish Captivity: An Account of the Present Position of the Poles in the Kingdom of Poland, and in the Polish Provinces of Austria, Prussia, and Russia (1863)
  • The Life of Rossini (1869)
  • The Germans in France (1874)
  • The Case of Reuben Malachi (1886)
  • The Prima Donna: Her History and Surroundings from the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Century (two volumes, 1888)
  • Rossini and His School (1895)
  • Personal Recollections (1900)
  • Sir William White: His Life and Correspondence (1902)


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