Henry Townsend (Oyster Bay)

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Henry Townsend
Born 1649
Oyster Bay, New York
Died 1703
Oyster Bay, New York
Nationality American
Home town Oyster Bay, Long Island
Spouse(s) Deborah Underhill

Uriah Townsend
Robert Townsend

Elizabeth Townsend
Parent(s) Henry Townsend and Anne Coles

Henry Townsend (1649–1703) was the son of Henry Townsend, an early settler of the American Colonies.


Henry Townsend (1649-1703) was the son of Henry Townsend who emigrated to the colonies from England. Eventually Henry Townsend settled in Oyster Bay, where his son Henry Townsend was raised.[1] Townsend Society of America DNA testing project has established that the Oyster Bay family is not related to Thomas Townsend of Lynn, MA. The county of origin in England for Henry, John and Richard Townsend is not known.

Henry Townsend married Deborah Underhill in 1657. Deborah Underhill (1659-1698) was daughter of Captain John Underhill (1597-1672), another important figure in Colonial America who trained the militia of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and served as magistrate of Flushing for a brief period of time, before settling on 150 acres (0.61 km2) of land outside of Oyster Bay. Captain Underhill was converted to Quakerism by his second wife, thus making the union of Henry Townsend and Deborah Underhill the combining of two of the most influential Quaker families in Oyster Bay.[2]

They had at least four children together: Robert Townsend (b. 1687), Elizabeth Townsend (1692-1756), Henry (d. 1709) and Uriah Townsend (1698-1767).


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