Henry VI, Count of Luxembourg

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Henry VI
Count of Luxemburg, Durbuy, Laroche and Arlon
Count of Luxemburg and Arlon
Reign 24 December 1281 – 5 June 1288
Predecessor Henry V
Successor Henry VII
Born c.  1240
Died 5 June 1288 (aged 48)
Spouse Beatrice d'Avesnes
Issue Henry VII, Holy Roman Emperor
Walram, Seigneur de Dourlers, de Thirimont et de Consorre
Margaret, Prioress of Marienthal
Felicitas, Lady of Gaesbeck
Baldwin, Archbishop Elector of Trier
House Luxembourg
Father Henry V, Count of Luxembourg
Mother Margaret of Bar

Henry VI (c.  1240 – 5 June 1288) was count of Luxembourg and Arlon from the death of his father, Henry V the Blond in 1281 until his own death at the battle of Worringen,[1] seven years later, when he was succeeded by his son, Henry VII.


Henry was the son of Henry V the Blond and Margaret of Bar. His father took part in Saint Louis's crusade against Tunis and he continued this war, being killed alongside three of his brothers at the Battle of Worringen by a knight of John I, Duke of Brabant.

Henry married Beatrice d'Avesnes[2] (d. 1 March 1321, daughter of Baldwin and granddaughter of Bouchard IV of Avesnes) around 1260–1 and they had three sons, two of whom attained the highest honours and excellence:



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Henry VI, Count of Luxembourg
Born: c. 1240 Died: 5 June 1288
Preceded by
Henry V
Count of Luxembourg and Arlon
Succeeded by
Henry VII