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Dr. Henry Veltmeyer at the CITMA office in Santa Clara, Cuba

Henry Veltmeyer is a professor of Sociology and International Development Studies at Saint Mary's University (Halifax), Nova Scotia, Canada. He is a prolific author on matters of Development and Globalization. He is also on faculty at the Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas, in the Unidad Académica en Estudios de Desarrollo.

Life and work[edit]

Veltmeyer received his Licenciatura in Linguistics (1970) at the Universidad de Guayaquíl, Ecuador, his M.A. in Education & Social Sciences (1970) and a second M.A. in Latin American Studies (1971) at the University of Alabama, and his PhD. in Political Science (1976) at McMaster University. He joined the faculty of Sociology at Saint Mary's University (SMU) in 1976 and founded the programme in International Development Studies at SMU in 1985.[1]

Veltmeyer's thematic focus in recent years has been on Globalization and Development. Other areas of research and writing include new social movements, political economy of development, the 2007–2008 world food price crisis, local development, and corporate power.

In 2004, Veltmeyer joined the faculty of the Unidad Académica en Estudios de Desarrollo at the Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas as adjunct professor.

Veltmeyer was the driving force behind the creation of the Critical Development Studies Network (CDS) on 21 October 2006, with the issuance of the Halifax Communiqué.[2]

In 2009, Veltmeyer assumed the presidency of the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development,[3] after serving as Vice-President for the previous year. His term expires with the CASID 2010 AGM.[4]

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