Henry W. Armstrong

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Henry W. Armstrong
Born (1879-07-22)July 22, 1879
Somerville, Massachusetts, US
Died February 22, 1951(1951-02-22) (aged 71)
New York, New York, US
Occupation(s) musician, songwriter, boxer, booking agent, producer
Instruments singing, piano

Henry W. "Harry" Armstrong (July 22, 1879 – February 28, 1951) was a US boxer, booking agent, producer, singer, pianist and Tin Pan Alley composer.[1]

His biggest hit was "Sweet Adeline", written in 1903 with Richard H. Gerard.[1][2] His 1905 sentimental ballad "Nellie Dean" became the signature song of the British music hall singer Gertie Gitana,[3] and subsequently a popular British pub song.[4]


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