Jindřich Zdík

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Detail of memorial plaque dedicated to Jindřich Zdík in Saint Wenceslas cathedral in Olomouc (Czech Republic).

Henry Zdík (in Czech: Jindřich Zdík) (about 1083 - 1150 Prague) was bishop of Olomouc from 1126 to 1150.

In 1141 Zdik with papal authorization undertook a mission against the Prussians and took part in the Wendish Crusade of 1147.

After his pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1138 he had the idea of founding a monastery of regular canons in Prague, what would becom Strahov Monastery. He had the support of the bishops of Prague and the Duke of Bohemia Soběslav I and -- after his death -- Vladislav II. After Zdík's first unsuccessful attempt to found a Czech variant of the canons' order at the place called Strahov in 1140, an invitation was issued to the Premonstratensians, whose first representatives arrived from Steinfeld in the Rhine valley (Germany).

Hildebert and Everwin, two medieval manuscript illuminators, worked in the scriptorium of Bishop Zdík.