Henry and Ribsy

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Henry and Ribsy
Cover of Henry and Ribsy.jpg
First edition
Author Beverly Cleary
Cover artist Louis Darling
Country United States
Language English
Series Henry Huggins
Published 1954 (Morrow)
Pages 192 pp
Preceded by Henry and Beezus
Followed by Henry and the Paper Route

Henry and Ribsy is the third book in the Henry Huggins series of humorous children's novels written by Beverly Cleary. Henry's dad has promised to take him salmon fishing on one condition – he has to keep his dog Ribsy out of trouble for two months. That's not easy to do, especially when Ramona Quimby gets involved. First published in 1954, Henry and Ribsy was originally illustrated by Louis Darling.


Like most of the Henry Huggins books, the incidents in this book follow an ongoing plot line. In this case, Henry wants to go on a salmon-fishing trip with his father. However, Ribsy has been causing all manner of trouble for the family. For example, Ribsy tries to prevent the garbage man from taking away the trash because Ribsy thinks it belongs to Henry. Henry's father says that Henry can only come on the trip if he can keep Ribsy out of trouble for a month. Henry is able to do this, and Ribsy actually helps him catch an enormous Chinook salmon at the end of the day.