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Henryk Jankowski (2010)
Statue of Henryk Jankowski in Gdańsk

Father Henryk Jankowski (18 December 1936, Starogard Gdański – 12 July 2010, Gdańsk) was a Polish Roman Catholic priest. Member of Solidarity movement and one of the leading priests supporting that movement in opposition to the communist government in the 1980s, he was also a long serving provost of St. Bridget's church in Gdańsk (until 2004). In the late 1990s he became known for his critique of the European Union and for anti-Semitic remarks, and was suspended from preaching for a year.[1] Father Jankowski was accused and investigated for pedophilia though he was never convicted.[2]

According to records saved in Instytut Pamięci Narodowej Henryk Jankowski since 1980 to 1982 was an operational contact codename "Delegat" of communist Służba Bezpieczeństwa.[3]

He supported the Father Henryk Jankowski Institute, described as supporting charities and social projects, by sales of a wine with his image on the label, sold under the name "Monsignore", and had plans to open a chain of 16 cafés in major Polish cities and to market perfume and clothing also bearing his image. He was disciplined by the Catholic Church for his anti-semitism[1]

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