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The Henty brothers were a family of seven brothers, sons of Thomas Henty,[1] who are generally considered to be the first Europeans to establish a permanent agricultural settlement in Victoria, Australia.[2] The brothers were:

  • James Henty (1800–1882), founded James Henty and Company, merchants
  • Charles Henty (1807–1864), banker and member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly
  • William Henty (1808–1881), solicitor, member of the Tasmanian Legislative Council for Tamar, and colonial secretary in the Weston cabinet
  • Edward Henty (1810–1878), pioneer, first permanent settler in Victoria, Australia
  • Stephen George Henty (1811–1872), member of the legislative council of Victoria, 1856–1870
  • John Henty (1813-1868?)
  • Francis Henty (1815–1889), farmer and grazier


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