Henuttawy (priestess)

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Henuttawy D
God's Wife of Amun
Adoratrice of Amun
Ushabtis 21st dynasty Petrie.jpg
An ushabti of Henuttawy D (center), now at the Petrie Museum
Died Thebes?
Issue None
Dynasty 21st Dynasty
Father Pinedjem II
Mother Isetemkheb D
Religion Ancient Egyptian religion

Henuttawy D was an ancient Egyptian high priestess, a God's Wife of Amun during the 21st Dynasty.[1]


nTr dwA
in hieroglyphs

Her father was Pinedjem II, High Priest of Amun, her mother was Isetemkheb D, Singer of Amun. Both her parents were children of the high priest Menkheperre who was brother to Maatkare Mutemhat, the God's Wife preceding Henuttawy.[2]

Henuttawy is known only from a few ushabtis.[1] She was followed as God's Wife by Karomama Meritmut.


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Preceded by
Maatkare Mutemhat
God's Wife of Amun
21st Dynasty
Succeeded by
Karomama Meritmut