Hepatitis B virus PRE alpha

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Hepatitis B virus PRE alpha
Type: Cis-reg;
2° structure: Published; PMID 9776740[1]
Seed alignment: PMID 9776740[1]
Avg length: 30 nucleotides
Avg identity: 00%

The Hepatitis B virus PREalpha (HBV PREalpha) is an RNA structure that is shown to play a role in nuclear export of HBV mRNAs.

HBV PREalpha consists of a 30 nt stem-loop, with a 5 nt apical loop. The conserved stem-loop was predicted within the HBV PRE sequence and confirmed by mutagenesis.[1] The Rfam structure is based on a covariation model and is consistent with its solution structure.[2]

The exact role of this structure in nuclear export has not yet been determined [3]

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