Heptagrammic antiprism (7/2)

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Heptagrammic antiprism
Antiprism 7-2.png
Type Uniform polyhedron
Faces 2 Heptagrams
14 triangles
Edges 28
Vertices 14
Vertex configuration 7/
Wythoff symbol |2 2 7/2
Schläfli symbol sr{2,7/2}
Coxeter diagram CDel node h.pngCDel 2x.pngCDel node h.pngCDel 7.pngCDel rat.pngCDel 2x.pngCDel node h.png
Symmetry group D7h
Dual polyhedron Heptagrammic deltohedron
Properties nonconvex
Vertex figure
Heptagrammic antiprism-2-7 vertfig.png

In geometry, the {7/2} heptagrammic antiprism is one in an infinite set of nonconvex antiprisms formed by triangle sides and two regular star polygon caps, in this case two {7/2} heptagrams.

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