Her Greatest Performance

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This article is about the 1916 film. For the Whitney Houston album, see Live: Her Greatest Performances.
Her Greatest Performance
Directed by Fred Paul
Produced by Fred Paul
Maurice Elvey
Written by Benedict James
Enid Lorimer
Starring Edith Craig
Ellen Terry
Dennis Neilson-Terry
Joan Morgan
Distributed by Ideal Film Company
Release date
1916 (UK)
24 August 1919
Running time
92 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Her Greatest Performance is a 1916 British silent crime film directed by Fred Paul and starring Edith Craig, Ellen Terry and Dennis Neilson-Terry.[1]

Gerald Lovelace (Dennis Neilson-Terry) is accused of a crime and wrongly arrested, his mother (Ellen Terry) gives 'her greatest performance' when providing him with an alibi. Joan Morgan plays his daughter.

Presumably this is a lost film. [2]

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