Her Highness and Silk

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Her Highness and Silk
Publication information
Publisher Quality Comics, DC Comics
First appearance Hit Comics #27
Created by Ruben Moreira (art)
In-story information
Abilities None

Her Highness and Silk are a pair of fictional characters that debuted in Quality Comics' Hit Comics #27. They are foes of Kid Eternity.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Her Highness and Silk are a pair of con artists. Her Highness usually dresses as an old woman, complete with spectacles and white hair pulled into a bun, while Silk is an attractive young woman in a tight dress. The two meet Kid Eternity in Hit Comics #27 (1943), but are soon defeated by the supernatural hero.

While Her Highness made a cover appearance on Hit Comics #28, the duo generally appeared in short, 5 to 6 page back-up stories. Their stories were mostly played for laughs; Her Highness and Silk are hardly ever successful at their con games, and their dialogue was fairly light-hearted. Their final Golden Age appearances was in Hit Comics #57 (March 1949)

Her Highness and Silk were two of the characters acquired by DC Comics when they purchased the rights to Quality Comics. They made their first DC Comics appearance at World's Finest #282 (1982) in a Captain Marvel story that guest-starred Kid Eternity, at a time when DC Comics had acquired both families of characters, and writer E. Nelson Bridwell decided that Freddy Freeman (Captain Marvel, Jr.) and Kid Eternity were brothers. In the story Her Highness and Silk join forces with longtime Marvel Family foe Aunt Minerva, another old criminal lady, and attempt to use Uncle Dudley as a cover to steal money from the circus. Their old nemesis Kid Eternity recognizes the duo, and tips off the Marvel Family to their scheme.

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