Her Majesty's Customs (Gibraltar)

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Her Majesty's Customs (Gibraltar)
Her Majesty's Customs (Gibraltar) crest.png
Common nameHM Customs
AbbreviationHM Customs
Agency overview
Formed14th May, 1750
Jurisdictional structure
National agency
(Operations jurisdiction)
Operations jurisdictionGIB
Gibraltar locator map.svg
HM Custom's jurisdiction (beige)
Size6.8 km²
Legal jurisdictionAs per operations jurisdiction
Governing bodyGovernment of Gibraltar, Ministry of Finance
General nature
HeadquartersCustoms House, Waterport

Agency executive
  • John Rodriguez, Collector of Customs
Parent agencyMinistry of Finance
PrisonsHer Majesty's Prison, Gibraltar
Patrol carsYes

Her Majesty's Customs (Gibraltar) [HM Customs Gibraltar] are the primary Customs and import authority in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. It is a uniformed, enforcement body, controlled by the Ministry of Finance, Government of Gibraltar. The Customs Officers check commercial goods and ordinary people entering with possessions into the territory.[1]


The main purpose of HM Customs Gibraltar is to carry out normal customs duties at the entry points to the Territory, search for suspected illegal weapons, drugs or goods, carry out basic good-import checks and requirements.


Customs officers, up to and including the Collector of Customs, wear a traditional British Customs uniform. The symbol of HM Customs is a portcullis, surrounded by a wreath and surmounted by a crown, representing their authority and the monarch.

For males this includes: Formal dress[2] - a white-topped peaked cap with capbadge - white long sleeve shirt - black tie - Naval blue tunic (Reefer jacket) with rank sewn on to both cuffs - dark blue trousers - black formal shoes

Day dress:[3][4] - a white-topped peaked cap with capbadge, white long-sleeve or short sleeve shirt, black tie, black trousers, black boots or shoes, black jacket, high-visibility equipment vest and rank worn on rank slides on the shoulders of shirts, jackets and vests.

Practical (marine) dress:[5] - blue baseball cap with Customs logo on front, black trousers with leg-pockets, dark blue polo top with Customs logo on left breast, blue jacket, high-visibility equipment vest and rank worn on rank slides on the shoulders of shirts, jackets and vests.

For females this includes; the same as above apart from the fact that the white-topped female bowler cap with capbadge and black capband is worn instead of the males' peaked cap.[6] A skirt may also be worn in lieu of trousers, in formal dress.

All medals and decorations (including medal ribbons whilst not on parade) are to be worn on the left side of the tunic. Obviously, 'stars' for senior decorations (e.g. Order of Merit) would be worn in the usual fashion.

Rank structure[edit]

The rank structure follows the UK HM Customs rank structure.

Her Majesty's Customs and Excise rank insignia[7]
Rank Assistant Preventive Officer Preventive Officer Senior Preventive Officer Assistant Chief Preventive Officer Chief Preventive Officer
Abbreviation APO PO SPO ACPO CPO
Insignia UK-customs-apo.svg UK-customs-po.svg UK-customs-spo.svg UK-customs-acpo.svg UK-customs-cpo.svg


HM Customs have marked vehicles for customs duties, fitted with blue flashing lights and sirens.

HM Customs Marine Section[edit]

The Customs of Gibraltar operate a Marine Unit, which operates two-high speed RIBs.[8] The Maritime Journal reported that "Performance patrol boat specialist FB Design has recently delivered two high speed RIBs to HM Customs in Gibraltar. Capable of speeds of over 50 knots these two RIBs are based on standard production hull designs developed by this Italian builder, but they have been fully customised to meet the requirements of the Customs".

HM Customs does carry out counter-drug operations, sometimes in conjunction with the Royal Gibraltar Police and Spanish Guardia Civil. HM Customs seizes illegal drugs and carrys out deterrence operations.[9]

Collector of Customs[edit]

The Collector of Customs is the most senior Customs officer and is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the organisation.

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