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Her Majesty's Prisons (His Majesty's Prisons in the case of a male monarch) is the name given to prisons in the United Kingdom, as well as some in Australia and a small number in Canada, Grenada, and Barbados. The title makes up part of the name of individual prisons and is usually abbreviated to HM Prison or HMP.


The title of HM Prison is given to a number of prisons in Australia, especially in the state of Victoria.


The title of HM Prison is given to HMP Dodds Prison in St. Philip, and the former Glendairy Prison in Station Hill, St. Michael.


The Belize Museum was formerly a HM prison.


Her Majesty's Penitentiary at 85 Forest Road in St. John's, Newfoundland was built in 1859, and is still operational[1] as a men’s correctional facility of the Department of Justice and Public Safety of Newfoundland and Labrador.[2] The provincial government is currently planning to build a new facility to replace Her Majesty′s Prison.



The title of Her Majesty's Prison (Grenada) is given to the Richmond Hill Prison in Saint George's, Grenada. The prison is run by the Ministry of National Security. The prison governor is Dr John Mitchell, the Commissioner of Prisons in Grenada.[3][4]

The prison accommodates both sexes, but has separate sections for male and female prisoners.[5] As of 2019 it held 463 prisoners, more than double its official capacity of 198.[3]

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