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Heraclea (Lydia)

Coordinates: 38°36′54″N 27°10′09″E / 38.6149°N 27.1693°E / 38.6149; 27.1693
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Heraclea or Herakleia (Ἡράκλεια), also transliterated as Heracleia, was a town of ancient Lydia at the foot of Mount Sipylus. From this town magnets were known as Heracleus lapis.[1][2]

Its site is tentatively located near Emiralem, Asiatic Turkey.[3][4]


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 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainSmith, William, ed. (1854–1857). "Heracleia". Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography. London: John Murray.

38°36′54″N 27°10′09″E / 38.6149°N 27.1693°E / 38.6149; 27.1693