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Herakleidon Museum in Athens, Greece, has been bringing art, education, and culture to the general public since 2004. It aspires to help prepare young people, both intellectually and emotionally, to face the growing demands of our world, both today and tomorrow. The inspiration for this endeavor comes from the founders Paul and Anna-Belinda Firos.

Today Herakleidon Museum has evolved into an interactive center for popularized science. In the framework of this philosophy, the new, permanent interactive exhibition I Play and Understand, at at the 1st and 2nd floors at its building on 16 Herakleidon Str, Thissio , invites children and adults to come into contact with science, art, and mathematics, through creative play with judiciously chosen and designed interactive exhibits.

Based on its philosophy of Science, Art and Mathematics, it continues to provide original educational programs for students, teachers and adults at its building on 16 Herakleidon Str, as well as exhibitions of art and popularized science at its building on 37 Ap. Pavlou Str.

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