Heraldia nocturna

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Heraldia nocturna
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Syngnathiformes
Family: Syngnathidae
Subfamily: Syngnathinae
Genus: Heraldia
H. nocturna
Binomial name
Heraldia nocturna
Paxton, 1975

The upside-down pipefish (Heraldia nocturna) is a species of pipefish endemic to the coast of southern Australia, from New South Wales to Geographe Bay in Western Australia,[2] where it is found in rocky reefs at depths of from 2 to 15 metres (6.6 to 49.2 ft). It grows to a length of 9.2 centimetres (3.6 in) SL. This species is the only known member of its genus.[3] Like other pipefish it is ovoviviparous but it may breed seasonally, as gravid males have been collected between September and November.[1]


This genus was named in honor of Earl Stannard Herald, an American expert on syngnathids who died as a result of a diving accident off of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.[4] The common name, "upside-down pipefish", comes from its habit of swimming upside down in caves before emerging at night to feed,[1] and this nocturnal habit gives rise to its specific name, nocturna.[2]


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