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Heraldo do Monte is a Brazilian guitar player. Since the 1980s he has released and participated with albums by Brazilian artists.[1][2]

In 1966 Quarteto Novo (with Airto Moreira, Hermeto Pascoal, Theo de Barros), released one album and launched the careers of its members.[3]

He has played on albums by Gilberto Gil, Hermeto Pascoal and others [4]

His first recording came as a sessionman in a Dolores Duran album with Walter Wanderley.[4]


  • 1960: Heraldo e seu Conjunto
  • 1961: Dançando com Sucesso
  • 1966: Batida Diferente
  • 1968: O violão de
  • 1980: Heraldo do Monte
  • 1982: Concert with Elomar, Arthur Moreira Lima, Paulo Moura
  • 1983: Cordas vivas (with Hermeto Pascoal)
  • 1986: Cordas mágicas
  • 2001: Viola Nordestina
  • 2004: Guitarra Brasileira
  • 2007: Heraldo do Monte


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