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Herb Voland
Born Herbert Maurice Voland
October 2, 1918
New Rochelle, New York
Died April 26, 1981(1981-04-26) (aged 62)
Riverside, California
Other names Herbert Voland
Occupation Actor

Herb Voland (October 2, 1918 - April 26, 1981) was an American actor, best known for his various roles on the sitcom Bewitched and as General Crandell Clayton on the sitcom M*A*S*H during Seasons 1 and 2.


Voland started his professional acting career on the Broadway stage, but became known for portraying characters on 1960s and 1970s television that were most commonly gruff executives, huff-and-puff military brass or policemen; either in light sitcoms or crime dramas. Voland was also the father of television actor Mark Voland.

Herb Voland died of a stroke in 1981.



Flo (TV series) – "The Daynce"
The Munsters' Revenge (TV movie) – Police Chief Harry Boyle


Below the Belt
The Formula – Geologist #3
Airplane! – Air Controller Macias
Getting Wasted – Principal McLaughlin


Trapper John, M.D. (TV series) – Barton
Deadly Exposure – Barton
The North Avenue Irregulars – Dr. Fulton


Big Wednesday – minor role
The Love Boat (TV series) – 3 episodes – Herb Lawrence, Sheila's Father


C.P.O. Sharkey (TV series) – "Natalie's Ultimatum" – Clerk
The Jeffersons (TV series) – "The Costume Party" – Mr. Fletcher
The San Pedro Beach Bums (TV series) – "A Bum Thanksgiving" – Covington
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (TV series) – Chief Collig
The Secret of the Jade Kwan Yin – Chief Collig (as Herbert Voland)
The Flickering Torch Mystery – Chief Collig
Tail Gunner Joe (TV movie) – Sen. Raymond Baldwin
Starsky and Hutch (TV series) – "The Psychic" – Joe Haymes
The Death of Richie (TV movie) – Morris Polk
American Raspberry – Admiral Taft


The New Adventures of Wonder Woman (TV series) – "Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua" – Dr. Osmond
Harry O (TV series) – "Forbidden City" – Sgt. Grady


All in the Family (TV series) – "Birth of the Baby: Part 1" – Ed Bradley
Doc' (TV series) – "Dog vs. Doc" – Judge
The Manhandlers – Pruitt


Emergency! (TV series) – "Surprise" – Harry
Death Sentence (TV movie) Lowell Hayes
Happy Days (TV series) – "Guess Who's Coming to Visit" – Police Sergeant


McCloud (TV series) – "Butch Cassidy Rides Again" – Mr. Winston
Sanford and Son (TV series) – "Pot Luck – Mr. Osborne


M*A*S*H (TV series) (1972–1973) – 7 episodes – Gen. Crandell Clayton
'The Paul Lynde Show' (TV series) – 2 episodes – T.J. McNish
Another Nice Mess – Spiro Agnew
Arnie (TV series) (1970–1972) – 15 Episodes – Neil Ogilvie


Love, American Style (TV series) Mr. Dunlap & Phil
Get Smart (TV series) – "Do I Hear a Vaults?" – C. Barton Neff
The Name of the Game (TV series) – "The Other Kind of Spy" – Harvy
Green Acres (TV series) – "Bundle of Joy" – Judd Carling


In Name Only (TV movie) – Sergeant Mulligan
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (TV series) – Henry Masterson
The Love God? – Atty. Gen. Frederick Snow
The Outsider (TV series) – "Handle with Care" – Hollis
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir (TV series) – "Strictly Relative" – Ralph Muir


The Mothers-In-Law (TV series) 3 episodes (1968–1969) – Dr. Butler
The Good Guys (TV series) – "Episode #1.2" – Peckinpaw
Petticoat Junction (TV series) – "Birthplace of a Future President" – Mr. Andrews
Bonanza (TV series) – "Different Pines, Same Wind" – Jason Milburn
Don't Just Stand There! – Moffat
With Six You Get Eggroll – Harry Scott
The Shakiest Gun in the West – Dr. Friedlander
Hallmark Hall of Fame (TV series) – "Elizabeth the Queen" – Captain Armin
He & She (TV series) – "Goodman, Spare That Tree" – Goodman


Bewitched (TV series) (1967–1972) – 6 episodes – Judge, Mr. Ferber, E.J. Haskell, Mr. Traynor, Mr. Hascomb
The Second Hundred Years (TV series) – "The Abominable Iceman" – Mr. L
Mannix (TV series) – "Beyond the Shadow of a Dream" – Frank Terrano
Judd for the Defense (TV series) – "The Deep End" – Judge Balfour


Love on a Rooftop (TV series) 1966-1967 – 15 episodes – Fred Hammond
The Iron Horse (TV series) – "Joy Unconfined" – Buckeye
Gidget (TV series) – "I Have This Friend Who" – Mel
Scalplock (TV movie) Buckeye Sullivan
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (TV series) – "The Death Ship" – Carter


The F.B.I. (TV series) – "Pound of Flesh" – Charles Buford
The Wackiest Ship in the Army (TV series) – "...and Tyler Too"
I Dream of Jeannie (TV series) – "Whatever Became of Baby Custer?" – Major Jamison
Profiles in Courage (TV series) – George Mason Peckham
Perry Mason (TV series) – "The Case of the Duplicate Case" – Ernest Hill
The Virginian (TV series) – "Farewell to Honesty" -Judge Charles Dodge


Mr. Broadway (TV series) – "Bad Little Rich Girl" – Walter Hart
East Side/West Side (TV series) – "The Givers" – Gabe Connors
The Defenders (TV series) – "Blacklist" – Lloyd Hickman


Route 66 (TV series) – "Two on the House" – Bill Garrison


Route 66 (TV series) – "Incident on a Bridge" – Hodges
Great Ghost Tales (TV series) – "August Heat"
Naked City (TV series) – "Sweet Prince of Delancey Street" – Charlie Bates


Play of the Week (TV series) – "The Iceman Cometh: Parts 1 & 2" – Moran
The Iceman Cometh (TV movie) – Moran
The Robert Herridge Theater (TV series) – "The Lottery" – Mr. Adams


Studio One in Hollywood (TV series) – "A Matter of Guilt" – Bauer


The Hunter (TV series) – "Rendezvous in Prague" – Voralov

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