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Location of Herbaijum
Country Netherlands Netherlands
Province Friesland Friesland
 • Total c. 250

Herbaijum (West Frisian: Hjerbeam) is a small village in Franekeradeel in the province Friesland of the Netherlands and has around 258 citizens (2009).



Herbaijum, church

The church was built in the Middle Ages; general estimates point to establishment around the second half of the 13th century. It was dedicated to Nicolaos van Myra.

A near complete restoration of the church, except for the north wall, was undertaken in 1872 under the guidance of architect P.J. Jaarsma. The north wall consists largely of yellow, mediaeval bricks—called kloostermoppen—which were locally repaired. Any missing ones were replaced by similar small, yellow bricks made locally in Frisia. The tower on the west side was probably built in the 1920s, and has a constricted, octagonal spire and is roofed with slate tiles.

According to a gable stone, the church was again restored in 1985.



  • 1954 - 278
  • 1959 - 273
  • 1964 - 255
  • 1969 - 290
  • 1973 - 241
  • 2003 - 294

Famous (former) residents of Herbaijum[edit]

Coordinates: 53°11′7″N 5°29′42″E / 53.18528°N 5.49500°E / 53.18528; 5.49500