Herbarium and Botanical Garden, Shah Abdul Latif University

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Herbarium and Botanical Garden
Location Shah Abdul Latif University
Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan
Coordinates 24°52′37″N 69°14′28″E / 24.87694°N 69.24111°E / 24.87694; 69.24111Coordinates: 24°52′37″N 69°14′28″E / 24.87694°N 69.24111°E / 24.87694; 69.24111
Opened 2008[1]
Website cbc-salu.org

The Herbarium and Botanical Garden complex of Shah Abdul Latif University is located in Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan. Completed in 2008, it is the first-ever planned botanical garden of the country.[1] The complex comprises the following:

  • Herbarium (for collection)
  • Ravi park (for recreation)
  • Indus arboretum
  • Bolan aromatic garden
  • Khyber succulent garden
  • Pond lake
  • Glass nursery

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