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Herbert Clemens Kraft (1927–2000) was an archaeologist from New Jersey, specializing in prehistory. He wrote numerous books about archaeology in New Jersey, the Lenape and the Paleo-indians of New Jersey, as well as over 170 articles in his career.


Kraft was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1927. He graduated from Seton Hall University in 1950 and finished his graduate work at Seton Hall in 1961 and at Hunter College in 1969, with degrees in history and anthropology respectively.[1] Kraft later became a professor of anthropology at Seton Hall. He died in 2000.


  • Teshoas and Elongated Pebble Tools (1966)
  • The First Petroglyph Found in New Jersey (1967)
  • The Religion of the Delaware Indians (1968)
  • Miller Field Site, Warren County (1970)
  • The Plenge Site: A Paleo-Indian Occupation Site in New Jersey (1973)
  • A Delaware Indian Symposium (1974)
  • The Archaeology of the Tocks Island Area (1975)
  • The Rosenkrans Site, an Adena-related Mortuary Complex in the Upper Delaware Valley (1976)
  • Paleoindians in New Jersey (1977)
  • The Minisink Site: An Investigation into a Late Prehistoric and Early Historic Contact Site in Sussex County (1977)
  • The Minisink Site: A Reevaluation of a Late Prehistoric and Early Historic Contact Site in Sussex County (1978)
  • Delaware Indians Reminiscences (1978)
  • The Historic Minisink Settlements: An Investigation into a Prehistoric and Early Historic Site in Sussex County (1981)
  • The Lenape: Archaeology, History, and Ethnography (1986)
  • The Lenape Indians of New Jersey (1987)
  • The Archaeology and Ethnohistory of the Lower Hudson Valley and Neighboring Regions (1991)
  • The Lenape or Delaware Indians: The Original People of New Jersey (1996)
  • The Dutch, the Indians, and the Quest for Copper: Pahaquarry and the Old Mine Road (1996)
  • The Lenape-Delaware Indian Heritage: 10,000 BC to 2000 AD (2001)


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