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Herbert Edward Andrewes (1863, Reading – 1950, Highgate) was an English entomologist who specialised in beetles of the order Coleoptera.

Andrewes' initial training was at the forestry school in Nancy, France now INRA. In 1885 he entered the Indian Forest Service. His next post was at the British Museum (Natural History) where he specialised in Carabidae. He was a prolific author writing over 120 short scientific papers in addition to catalogues, taxonomic works, faunal monographs and identification manuals. Andrewes was a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society from 1910 until his death (Council 1920-22).The society holds his library.

Selected works[edit]


Most of Andrewes personal collection is in the Natural History Museum, London together with beetles from Sikkim collected by Herbert Stevens. Further collections including syntypes and a collection from India, Burma, New Guinea, Natal, Tennessee, including syntypes of Martin Jacoby, Walther Hermann Richard Horn, and Maurice Auguste Régimbart (1900) is in Oxford University Museum. Other parts of Andrewes collection are in Natural History Museum of Giacomo Doria, Genoa.


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