Herbert IV, Count of Vermandois

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Herbert IV of Vermandois (1028–1080), Count of Vermandois, was the son of Otto of Vermandois and Pavia (or Patia).[1]

Family and children[edit]

He married Adele of Valois, daughter of Raoul III of Valois and Adele de Bar-sur-Aube, and had:

  1. Adelaide, Countess of Vermandois, married to Hugh of Vermandois. The last Carolingian.
  2. Eudes, Count of Vermandois (French: Eudes « l'Insensé », seigneur de Saint Simon)(+ after 1085), married to Hedwig. Later became Lord of Saint-Simon by marriage. The last Carolingian male.


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Preceded by
Count of Vermandois
Succeeded by
Odo I

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