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Herbert Lambert
Herbert Lambert F.R.P.S. of Bath (and, later, Manager of Elliot & Fry) (8385714211).jpg
Herbert Richard Lambert

Died7 March 1936 (aged 53–54)
United Kingdom

Herbert Richard Lambert, FRPS, (1882– 7 March 1936, 53-54 years of age at time of death)[1] was a British portrait photographer known for his portrayals of professional musicians and composers including Gustav Holst.

In 1923 he published Modern British Composers: Seventeen Portraits in collaboration with Sir Eugene Goossens,[2] and in 1926, he became managing director of the Elliott & Fry portrait studio.[3] In 1930, he published Studio portrait lighting, a technical guidebook.[4] He is also responsible for salvaging much of the 19th-century photography of Henry Fox Talbot, by re-photographing the remains of Talbot's photographs.[5]

In addition to photography, Lambert was also an amateur maker of musical instruments, specialising in harpsichords and clavichords. In 1927, he lent a clavichord which he had built to Herbert Howells; Howells used it to compose a 12-piece collection, which he named "Lambert's Clavichord".[6][7]

Howells also introduced Lambert to Gerald Finzi,[8] whose 1936 Interlude for oboe & string quartet, Op. 21 was inspired by Lambert.[9]

A Quaker, Lambert was imprisoned as a conscientious objector during the First World War.[5] He lived in Combe Down, Bath, Somerset.[10]


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