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Bert Green
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Herbert Sydney Green (1920–1999)
Born 17 December 1920
Ipswich, England, UK
Died 16 February 1999(1999-02-16) (aged 78)
Adelaide, Australia
Residence Australia
Citizenship BritishAustralian
Fields Physicist
Institutions University of Adelaide
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Alma mater University of Edinburgh
Doctoral advisor Max Born
Doctoral students Maurice Brearley
Ian McCarthy
Robin Storer
Anthony Bracken
James Evans
Mark Gould
Philip Broadbridge
Richard Kleeman
Known for BBGKY hierarchy

Herbert (Bert) Sydney Green (17 December 1920 – 16 February 1999) was a British–Australian physicist. Green was a doctoral student of the Nobel Laureate Max Born at Edinburgh, with whom he was involved in the development of the modern kinetic theory. Green is the letter "G" in the BBGKY hierarchy.


Born in Ipswich, England, he graduated with a PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 1947 with a thesis entitled A Unitary Quantum Electrodynamics.


From 1951 till his death in 1999, Green lectured mathematical physics at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

Personal life[edit]

Green is survived by wife Marie-Louise Green and children Johanne Green and Roy Green (dean of several management schools around the world, including NUIG, Ireland and MGSM, Sydney).

Books by Green[edit]

  • Green, H. S. (1965). Matrix Mechanics. Groningen, The Netherlands: P. Noordhoff Ltd. 
  • H.S. Green, Information Theory and Quantum Physics: Physical Foundations for Understanding the Conscious Process, Springer, 2000, ISBN 3-540-66517-X.


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